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Tasmanian Canine Association
Royal Hobart Showgrounds 2 Howard Road Glenorchy TAS 7010, Australia
/ (03) 6272 9443
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Wyong Dog Training Club
Wyong NSW 2259 Australia
New South Wales
/ 0414 861 650
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Rockingham Dog Club (Inc.)
Bungaree Oval, Off Crater Place Rockingham WA 6168, Australia
Western Australia
/ 0448 815 052
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Goodstart Early Learning Mount Isa
7-9 Pamela Street Mount Isa QLD 4825, Australia
Mount Isa
/ (07) 4743 2400
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Petersons Armidale Winery & Guesthouse
345 Dangarsleigh Rd Armidale NSW 2350, Australia
New South Wales
/ (02) 6772 0422
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Desert Sand Motor Inn
357 Cobalt Street Broken Hill NSW 2880, Australia
Broken Hill
New South Wales
/ (08) 8088 4122 / (08) 8088 4419
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Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club
Blatherskite Park Showground Alice Springs NT 0870, Australia
Alice Springs
Northern Territory
/ 0424 788 382 / 0404 292 853
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